My name is Samantha Mellman. I’m a 27 year old young professional living in Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up in suburban Boca Raton, Florida and earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Florida Atlantic University in 2012. After moving to Boston five years ago, I earned two master’s degrees in journalism at Boston University and in counseling psychology at Northeastern University.

I have had diverse experiences in the field of journalism. I interned at four media outlets combined, from Florida to Boston which included: Happy Herald Newspaper (Boca Raton, FL), The Boca Raton Tribune, Dig Boston, and Brookline Interactive Group. I was also a freelance feature writer and photographer for the New England Newspaper & Press Association from Summer 2015- Fall 2016. My most recent internship experience was in my graduate program at Northeastern where I was a college counselor at Fisher College from Fall 2017-Spring 2018.